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Back 2 Basic Rules

Please see below the rules for the back to basics that we will be running on the 27th May. Remembering this meeting is back to basics, would be nice to get an old skool feel to it, so old skool paint jobs encouraged, tyres tied to the front etc.

Cars permitted are maximum 1600cc BUT excluding any cars that can be raced in the Micro Banger class, no mondoes/vectras either. Meeting aimed at racing any old rubbish going out and having a laugh in it. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT A CARS SUITABILITY PLEASE DROP ME A MESSAGE.

• Any Saloon, Hatchback or Estate type Cars are allowed up to a maximum of 1600cc. 4x4s, vans, MPVs, pick-ups or limos are NOT allowed.
• Engine swaps are NOT allowed (unless exceptional circumstances, check with club rep)
• All cars must remain ‘on the key’ with the original ignition system.
• All airbags, plastic bumpers and driver’s window mechanisms must be removed.
• Original petrol tanks must be removed.
• Dashboards may remain in place.
• Rear bumpers/ tow bars must be removed. Cars with original metal front bumpers can remain but must not have any additional welding/fittings.
• All cars must be fitted with ‘H-frame’ and driver’s door plate as per the 2018 Bangers Rules, Regulations & Specifications.
• Driver’s seats must be tied via the ‘B-pillar’. (Minimum)
• All Cars must have a floor plate fitted as per the 2018 Bangers Rules, Regulations & Specifications.
• Bonnets and passenger doors must be tied shut with seat belts or chain.
• In order to stop the bonnet from moving back towards the windscreen, bonnets can be fitted with 2 metal straps to secure the rear of the bonnet. Front of bonnet fastend with seatbelt or chain.
• No additional welding.
• Only original engine mountings are allowed. No additional engine/gearbox mountings.
• No clutch, distributor or cam-belt guards are allowed.
• Radiators must remain in their original position.
• Batteries may be moved inside the car, but must be covered.
• Cars must remain ‘on the key’ with the original ignition system.
• Petrol pumps must be able to be turned off either by the ignition key or a battery cut-off switch.
• Cars must have an effective exhaust system.
• Suspension must remain standard and cannot be altered from original specification.
• No cambering of wheels.
• No tyre gaitors allowed, tubing of tyres is permitted.
• Only road legal tyres ; NO federals, Eagle F1, Uniroyal Rainsports. Any tyres deemed to be ‘not within the spirit of the class’ by the Scrutineer may be asked to be removed.
• Any size or combination of size wheels can be used but not to gain advantage, the scrutineers at any time can instruct you to change the wheels.
• This is strictly a Nudge & Spin class and any incident deemed by the senior officials to be ‘not within the spirit of the class’ will be severely dealt with. No follow-ins, T-bones, ramming cars that are not part of an ongoing incident, no head-on’s.