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Covid Ticketing & Licences

Following on from our announcement with the plans to recommence racing at Warton Stock Car Club again here is a run down of what is going to happen regarding the ticketing for the up coming events and also the licences that were purchased at the beginning of the year.

All up coming meetings will follow suit to other tracks and will be pay to race. Drivers will pay £25 and mechanics will pay £10 each. Drivers are required to book in for the meetings, once doing so they will be sent a link either via messenger or email where they will pay there race fee(s). Bookings will not be confirmed until payment has been made. There will be a specific post and link on the website that drivers can book in thorugh we know not everyone uses facebook. If you do not book in and pay you will NOT be allowed to turn up and race on the day, no ticket no entry!

Ticketing for spectators will run from the wednesday leading up to the meeting, they are limited and will be first come first serve on them, we cannot reserve tickets as all details collected are for government track and trace purposes. Tickets will be available from the webiste and a link will be posted on here when they are available. If you do not have a ticket you will NOT be allowed into the track, anyone that turns up on the day without a ticket will be turned away.

Members with licences for the 2020 season, a number of you paid your licence fee and we appreciate the support at the beginning of the year. With us planning to run at least 6 meetings and understand that due to personal reasons may not be able to compete or attend these 6 meetings the club has decided that all licences will roll over to the 2021 season. Setting the 6 meetings as pay to race will ensure that we can roll the licences over and secure the longevity of the club going forward from this pandemic.

Again please keep an eye on the page for more information as we lead up to the restart of racing!