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Important Points From AGM

Just a couple of points from the AGM that you will need to know for the forthcoming season.

1. All drivers, in all classes that want to race championship day, must be a member and race at three point scoring meetings. Metal Mania, 1600 Teams & Micro Teams counts for bangers

2. Registrations for 2018 will be £70 if done on Wednesday 28th, £75 from sunday until 1st May, £90 there after. Juniors + Adults will be £120 same as last year.

3. ALL drivers must be strapped into your car when presenting it for scrutineering.

4. All harness will be inspected for any damage and to make sure they are working correctly.

5. We now have a breathalyser so at every meeting we will be doing random test on drivers.

6. Metal Mania and Teams will be points scoring for Junior Rookies and Ladies Bangers.

7. We have removed the intervals to try and help speed up the day. Aswel as this we will introduce a 3 minute time limit for all classes getting cars onto track, after that and the gate will be shut.

Lets have a good 2018 and hope to see as many of you there as possible to make it a great one!