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Latest Club Statement On Returning to Racing

Not since the foot and mouth outbreak in 2001 has the club been forced to close for such a long period of time. We are aware that other tracks have announced they are to resume racing either behind closed doors or with a fixed number of spectators who book in in advance.

The committee is looking into any possible legal way we could resume racing with social distancing and staying withing the government guidelines. Behind closed doors is a non starter, a reduced crowd is a possibility, but again may not be legal or financially viable. We are making enquires to the relevant authorities and keeping an eye on other tracks, to see if there is a way forward down this route. Adding to our situation is our unique location we must consider opening carefully with our track been a public footpath through to the nature reserve. Other tracks that are running in a more “stadium” based location and not as open as our track. The public adding an extra dimension to complications of reopening and running meetings.

With regards to licences and championships. With licences, when we know when we can return to racing we can advise more with what we are going to do with them. Championships both silver and gold will be null and void for the 2020 season, with the current champions rolling over to next season. We may however run a mini "Covid Championship" if we can get a decent number of meetings in.

Though we are not in currently any financial danger, if we do this and it doesn't succeed it could be damaging to the future of the club. We will keep you updated with any plans. We thank you all for your patience and do hope to see you all again at some point.

We understand you want to get back racing, no more than we do, but the committee will only return racing when we feel we can provide the safest possible environment for drivers, spectators and staff.

Waron Committee